Karnataka Commissioner Bangalore

In this article, we are providing the Karnataka State Police Commissioner Bangalore Email id, contact no. and helpline no. You can check the detail of Karnataka Commissioner Bangalore from this web page. In general, Karnataka State Police Commissioner is head of police who will be appointed by Central Government as per the recommendation of state Government.

Karnataka State Police Commissioner

For each city, there will be a police commissioner. Therefore, Karnataka also has a respective police commissioner. Bangalore is also known as city hub for IT. It is one of the cities of Karnataka.

Languages used by people under this state are several and these include Kannada, Tamil, English, Tulu, Konkani and etc. In order to become a police commissioner, one should have experience on various designations such as police chief, deputy police chief.

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The main objective of Police Commissioner is to establish department policies and procedures.

Karnataka State Police Commissioner Email id

 In order to reach Karnataka State Police Commissioner, one has to use office address allotted by Government. The Bangalore Municipal Corporation has a responsibility to maintain a basic facility in the city. Karnataka Police Commissioner office address is, Bangalore is Infantry Road at Vasanth Nagar in Bangalore at Karnataka.

Some Of His Duties:

  • To Cooperate activities of various divisions such as patrol services, criminal investigations, and code enforcement.
  • To watch the performance of department’s officers and civilian staff.
  • Board members are responsible for appointing chief police

As he is assigned with these important responsibilities, his average salary is $84,260 as per 2014.

Karnataka State Police Commissioner Number

Becoming a Police Commissioner is not just an easy task. He is having various responsibilities to be carried out. In any urgent situation, one can use Karnataka Police Commissioner contact numbers. However, this number will vary from state to state.

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For Karnataka, in order to reach Police Commissioner through phone, one has to call using below helpline number and it is 0802226070. This number will vary from department to department allotted by Government of Country. Based on the situation, one has to use specific helpline number.

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